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Nodal Equation Writer & Solver - DC Electric Circuits

There are several electric circuit simulators and apps that give the user only the final answers to variables such as voltages and currents.


This app shows the user the equations and solution/analysis steps in addition to answers. It can be used by the user to learn how to preform the analysis and write the equations in addition to providing help with generating a solution for a homework problem. It includes both dependent and independent sources.


This version of the app is for DC circuits Nodal Analysis (Steady-State). It is a first step and apps for other analysis methods or tools are being developed by the developer. This version of the app allows for using up to 24 circuit elements for a planner circuit in 3 by 3 setup. In most cases it should be enough to cover most electric circuit sizes in conventional undergraduate first electric circuits course or fundamentals of electrical engineering course. Hopefully this app will help the user and when more users subscribe it will help and support developer to continue this development. Please understand that this is a first version which is expected to be improved in the future.


It is suggested to check at least once a month for an update to this app or for new apps from the developer. Please contact us using e-mail for any questions or comments.

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