Solving Energy Availability Anxiety and Security

March 17-20, 2019: 

JAQ Energy LLC has attended and presented at The 2019 NSF SBIR/STTR Spring Phase I Grantee Workshop in Arlington, VA.   

February 1, 2019: 

JAQ Energy LLC is proud to announce that it has received an NSF STTR Phase I Award from the National Science Foundation ( with a title “STTR Phase I: Wirelessly Enabled and Distributed Energy Storage Systems Technology.”  

About Us


JAQ Energy LLC was founded in May 2017 as a small-business startup to investigate and develop new technologies that are related to Power Electronic and Energy Systems. 

In 2019, JAQ Energy LLC received an NSF STTR Phase I Award (NSF Award #1843319) from The National Science Foundation in order to develop a new type of battery system called "Wirelessly Enabled and Distributed Energy Storage (WEDES) system." Please check other parts of this website to learn more about this technology.    



Our patented and patent pending Technology aims at developing innovative Power Electronic and Energy Systems that will bring advantages to customers while increasing the utilization of diversified and renewable energy sources in order to support energy efficiency, availability and security without inconvenience. One application of our technology supports Transportation Electrification. Please check other parts of this website to learn more about this technology.     

Our vision for transportation electrification application example, through the adoption increase of electrified vehicles ( EVs and HEVs) and aircrafts ( drones and flying taxi), is that it should be without the range/mileage anxiety (worries about charging availability and speed), without the high initial cost/investment, and with increased safety. Our technology aims at addressing these issues that are slowing down the adoption rate of electrified vehicles (for example, issues that making people hesitant to buy an EV or hesitant to make the EV their only type of vehicle they need).       



JAQ Energy LLC


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